Elk Hills Massage Services

Experience the healing power of Elk Hills Massage & Bodywork and reemerge into your life feeling calm, and rejuvenated.

Elk Hills Massage is nestled in the quiet town of Eatonville located near Mt. Rainier, where Elk are known to meander. We chose the name “Elk Hills Massage” because the strength, power, stamina, and majestic nature represented by elk is an accurate depiction of our values and what we bring to our clients.

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Whether you are suffering from chronic pain, a recent injury, or daily stress, we offer a tranquil environment and healing touch to bring you a whole-body connection for pain relief, relaxation, and well-being.

Swedish Relaxation Massage

We combine long, deep strokes with natural and essential oils to quickly put your mind and body into a relaxed state. Hot steamed towels add to the luxury as our clients enjoy the ability to relax and escape from their daily worries.

Zen Bodytherapy

Unwind your body and release emotional and physical trauma as well as muscle tension. We use Zen Bodytherapy techniques, an intense series of massages that make use of manipulation and movement, to realign and train your body to become balanced and limber. This technique is great for chronic pain (pain that has lasted more than 12 weeks). For best results, we recommend 10 sessions with each session focusing on a different are of the body.

Deep Bodywork/Injury Treatment

Our integrated modalities work deeper into the muscles to provide relief for chronic aches and muscle tension often felt in the neck and shoulders, upper and lower back, and leg muscles. Deep tissue massage releases chronic muscle tension using pressure that goes into the fascial layers of muscle tissue to reach the source of an injury, increasing your range of motion and flexibility.

Medical Massage

Our medical massage is a deep bodywork or injury treatment massage for those who have been referred by a doctor or chiropractor. Medical massage is used to treat soft tissue damage from car or work accidents, falls, repetitive motion and more. Price varies depending on your medical or PIP insurance coverage and will be determined at the time of visit.

Upper body Massage

The Upper Body massage is a deep massage that targets upper body problem areas including shoulders, neck and back as well as carpal tunnel and golf-elbow.

Lower body massage

Choose our Lower Body massage for a deep tissue massage to target your glutes, thighs, legs, and feet for targeting sciatica pain, leg spasms, shin splints or plantar fasciitis etc..

Foot Massage

A foot massage is a great deep tissue massage for your feet and legs for relieving pain from constant standing and walking.

Lymphatic Drainage

Our lymphatic drainage massage is a very gentle massage designed to aid your body’s immune system. One job of your lymph system is to filter toxins and waste cells from your body tissues. A poorly functioning lymph system can cause painful swelling in the arms and legs. Receiving frequent lymphatic drainage massages can control and sometimes reverse lymphedema. Other benefits of regular lymphatic drainage massage are weight loss and increased energy levels.


Are you an expectant mother experiencing tiredness, back pain, or swollen feet? Our Prenatal Massage helps to improve sleep, reduce pressure on the blood vessels, increase circulation, and prepare your body for labor. We use specially designed pillows and cushions for side-lying postures to prevent putting pressure on the abdomen. Our light touch provides mom an opportunity to relax and feel in touch with the baby.

Sleepless Nights Massage

We use a special blend of oils combined with slow, long strokes to release stress and calm the mind and body to promote a restful sleep.

Hot Stone Massage

Relieve stress, anxiety, and tension with the use of heat. We use warm basalt stones and aromatic oils combined with a variety of pressure to relax your muscles and clear congestion in the chest and sinuses. NOTE: Hot Stone Massages must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

Thai Massage

Our Thai massage uses ancient stretching and massage techniques to carefully extend your range of motion. We gently move your limbs into poses while massaging the muscles to encourage loosening and lengthening. This treatment leaves you feeling relaxed and free with greater range of motion.

Intraoral Massage

This highly focused massage works to release tension and stress in the mouth and jaw. Teeth grinding, dental procedures, and surgical procedures can tighten muscles and inflame joints restricting jaw movement. We massage the muscles inside and outside of your mouth to relieve pain and improve mobility.

Salt Glow Body Polish

A full body exfoliating experience, our salt glow body polish uses Dead Sea salts rich in minerals and pure essential oils. It gently removes dead skin cells and other impurities. We gently work the polish into your skin increasing circulation and stimulating lymph flow.

Body Wrap

The Elk Hills all-natural body wrap is a blend of essential oils chosen to cleanse and stimulate your skin. Our body wrap helps to eliminate excess fluid and decrease the symptoms of fibromyalgia. The scents and oils promote relaxation and leave you feeling energized.

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These focused treatments enhance your massage experience by increasing the benefits of your massage or adding additional benefits. Customize your experience by combining one or more of these treatments with the massage of your choice.

Elk Hills Signature Facial Massage

A gentle massage combined with all-natural products, our signature facial massage is a great way to relax while taking care of your skin. Our oil blends replenish nutrients, and our clay masks remove toxins leaving your skin firmer and softer.

Silky Hands and Feet Treatment

Extend your massage with our hands and feet treatment. The all-natural masks and oils cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your hands and feet, restoring you skin.

Back treatment

Extend your massage with our back treatment. The all-natural masks and oils cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your back, restoring your skin while relieving muscle tension and congestion.

Hot Oil Scalp Massage

This warm and indulgent treatment elevates a head massage with essential oils. Let the aroma and heat combine with the massage to reduce headaches and tension spots. An ultimate relaxation in a stressful and full life.

Body Brush

This dry treatment involves lightly brushing the skin to increase blood flow, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the skin. It also increases the lymphatic flow, helping the body eliminate toxins and boosting immunity.

We offer a tranquil environment and healing touch